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Striving to make lean management more manageable

IQMS Australasia Pty Ltd has worked in compliance and business management systems for over 20 years in industries including mining, civil, oil and gas, construction and defence.

We help you develop management systems that are responsive to your needs and provide return on investment.

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Work health & safety

Protect your most important assets with a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk management.

Contract hire

We can provide cost-effective management staffing solutions on a contract basis.


Improve your product and service delivery using continuous improvement methodologies and lean management.

Asset management

Better manage your assets and reduce the risk of down-time and cost overruns.


Reduce your environmental impact by embedding sustainable management systems

Human resources

Nurture a healthy workplace culture with the implementation of effective HR frameworks

Cloud-based management systems

Improved Reporting

A critical element of business performance is the ability to capture data relevant to the organisation and ensure methods of reporting for effective business decision making. Our systems provide a centralised reporting platform, both in itself and through programs integrations.

Effective document control

A business management system and its documentation forms a critical part of organisational governance and legal compliance. Our systems provide a high degree of control for all documentation, allowing documents to be separated and organised according to the business and functional structure.

Increase intellectual property

When developed properly, internal business management systems can be considered part of an organisation’s intellectual property (IP). Our platform provides an opportunity to collate and ‘package’ all aspects of a business management system, allowing for a measurable fiscal valuation.

Frameworks for sustainable growth

Improvement through incremental change or significant improvement projects are all a critical part of both ISO standards and sustainable business practice. Implementing SharePoint will provide the ability to capture opportunities for improvement through multiple channels.

Asset management

Whether seeking to improve how you manage your assets, wanting to implement an enterprise resource planning program or receive certification for ISO 55001 Asset Management, SharePoint’s functionality and integration ability lends itself to being a significantly cost-effective solution.

Total organisational effectiveness

An organisation is only as effective as the sum of its processes and how they integrate with each other. By closely mapping your business processes and integrating them into SharePoint, our aim is to reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency and organisational culture.

Improve employee engagement

Simply, no one is motivated to operate where there is chaos. Motivation through work design is the concept that a working environment can be designed to motivate and maximise work flow simply because your employees want to be at work. Developing a system with a high degree of functionality and usability will encourage employee engagement and productivity.

About us

Our Industries

We work across a variety of industries and specialise in implementing a wide variety on national and international standards including:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 OH&S Management Systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • AS/NZS 4801 OH&S Management Systems
  • ISO 55001 Asset Management
  • AS 9100D Aerospace and Defence
  • HACCP – Food Safety
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Civil & Construction


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