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Our Capabilities

Helping you develop more manageable systems in compliance to or in alignment with a variety of Standards.

A submarine sitting above the surface of the water with a number of people standing on top.

Work health & safety

Protect your most important assets with a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk management.


Improve your product and service delivery using continuous improvement methodologies and lean management.


Reduce your environmental impact by embedding sustainable management systems

Contract hire

We can provide cost-effective management staffing solutions on a contract basis.

Asset management

Better manage your assets and reduce the risk of down-time and cost overruns.

Human resources

Nurture a healthy workplace culture with the implementation of effective HR frameworks

Risk management

Ensure you have a healthy approach to risk by adopting ISO 3100 Risk Management Principles

Laboratory Management

IQMS offers effective solutions for laboratory compliance, with systems designed to meet International Standards.

With or Without Certification

Do not let the pressure of achieving certification straight away stop you from starting the journey. IQMS Australasia can help you develop systems so your business can become more fruitful, with or without certification.

Take your management systems to the cloud and beyond

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