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Our Capabilities

Contract hire

We can provide cost-effective management staffing solutions on a contract basis.

There may be many benefits to engaging with one of our consultants, some come as a direct result and others are felt indirectly.

If you are interested in external support, then we welcome you to consider some of the benefits we regularly provide our clients listed below:

  • Savings of approx. $10k – $50k in overheads – By engaging one of our consultants on a contractual basis may remove the need to employ a dedicated QHSE person(s).
  • Reduction in operational costs – Our consultants are experienced at identifying inefficiencies across the organisation. By implementing effective business process controls, there is a positive impact adding up to a reduction in overall costs.
  • Better technical analysis – It is generally difficult to make business decisions without technical information and data. An effective system will provide means for capturing important data otherwise lost.
  • Improve your brand – Your ability to promote effective business management practice is a source of value-add to your service and should be used to improve your image and customer perception. Engaging a dedicated consultant will ensure you ‘underpin’ your brand with solid systems.
  • Embed resilience and agility into your strategy – Underpin your strategy with a strong foundation of organisational governance. Business systems are designed to help guide the organisation through the ‘ups and downs’, through times of change and maintain a positive culture.

Take your management systems to the cloud and beyond

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