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Reduce your environmental impact by embedding sustainable management systems.

Risk Management, it’s a term many people should be familiar with.

You may have even been part of developing a Risk Register for your organisation, or conducted business planning activities to establish internal and external issues which may impact on your quality.

What about Environmental Aspects?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems define Environmental Aspects as the following:

“activities or products or services that interacts or can interact with the environment” (ISO 9001 s. 3.2.2)

All these actual or potential aspects will have corresponding impacts which, whether you have an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or not, should be managed to ensure your business is conducting business activities sustainably.

Whilst developing our platform, we have taken a process approach to ensure risks and opportunities to be identified at multiple stages throughout a standard business cycle.

A framework such as this means multiple process owners can interact with the risk and improvement system, thus risks and opportunities for improvement are identified and managed organically, building upon the overall effectiveness of your business.

Utilise our Risk Register to easily identify your significant environmental aspects then track them through our incorporated dashboard features.

Take your management systems to the cloud and beyond

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