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Our Capabilities

Work health & safety

Protect your most important assets with a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk management.

Utilise our platform’s Business Frameworks section to assist you identify WHS Risks and Opportunities early in the development of your system.

  • Employ risk management principles by utilising the IQMS Risk Register, which has the ability for near infinite variations to ensure you are able to manage every one of your organisational risks effectively
  • Interpret various data through custom visualisation graphs and place into a comprehensive dashboard through SharePoint Pages and our custom K-Chart feature
  • Consult and communicate with your employees through electronic meeting templates such as toolbox talks, operations meetings, etc. Further customisations to these meetings will ensure effective communication throughout your organisation
  • Keep track of your employee’s training and competencies to ensure continuous development and understanding of your personnel, all done through the highly
    customisable Training and Induction Register
  • Ensure full document control of your Risk Assessments through our Document Control Module, included as standard in the IQMS Platform
  • A new and collaborative Internal Audit experience through the Internal Audit Planner, allows assigned personnel to collaborate for effective auditing.

The IQMS platform is a highly customisable platform, allowing our clients to develop unique ways of capturing and managing hazards, issues and similar actions.

As standard, the IQMS Platform has an integrated Continuous Improvement Planner as a centralised location for managing all types of actions.

Take your management systems to the cloud and beyond

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