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Innovate your Management
Systems with Our IQMS Platform

IQMS Australasia offers a range of cloud-based management solutions to achieve compliance with many Australian and International standards including Quality, Work, Health and Safety, Environment, Information Security, Business Continuity, plus many more.

Why it's important to leverage new technology to manage your systems.

A good management system is the foundation of good business. It creates a framework for all your standard operating procedures, increases efficiency, helps to manage compliance, and provides transparency. But it’s more than that…

Improve your credibility and image

A quality management system certified to ISO9001 displays your commitment to quality and enables you to meet quality requirements for public sector customers easily.

Improve customer satisfaction

One of the quality management principles that form the foundation of the ISO standard is to improve customer satisfaction by planning for and striving to meet customer requirements.

Better process integration

By looking at the overall process interactions through the process approach of ISO standards, you will more easily find improvements in efficiency and cost savings.

Improve your evidence for decision making

A management system will arm you with data to inform your decisions. So, you can be confident that you are investing in the right areas of your business

Create a continual improvement culture

By continually improving your processes, you will find efficiencies and cost savings, including using systematic processes to manage the severity of errors and increase the speed of recovery

Heighten employee engagement

When employees are involved in improving the processes they use regularly, they become happier and more engaged.

Implement effective change

When you implement improvements, you can significantly increase your chances of success the first time by tracking the improvement through good data collection.

Whether you are seeking to obtain an ISO certification or want better control over your business operations, we can design a holistic management system tailored to your business objectives.

Cloud-based Management Solutions

An IQMS product

IQMS Australasia offers a range of cloud-based management solutions to achieve compliance with many Australian and International standards including Quality, Work, Health and Safety, Environment, Information Security and Business Continuity.

We work with you to conduct a needs assessment and then we build the system you want. You are in control and you receive a bespoke product at off-the-shelf prices.

Our solutions are developed in your Office 365 Tenancy and can integrate many of the Microsoft Applications you are currently using, plus many more! By developing our solution into your Office 365, you own the solution, meaning zero licensing fees!

A mockup of a tablet and phone displaying the cloud management software.

Reap the benefits of using the cloud-based IQMS Platform...

Improved Reporting

A critical element of an effective management system is the ability to capture data and produce tailored reports that allow management to exercise effective decision making. We ensure our systems act as a centralised reporting platform so that you can harness your data where and when you need it.

Asset Management

Asset management solutions that allow you to effectively allocate, monitor, maintain and locate your key business assets. Whether you are seeking to meet the requirements of ISO 55001 Asset Management, or simply keep track of your mobile plant, we can develop a cost-effective solution for you.

Effective Document Control

Our document control systems provide a high degree of control for all documentation, allowing documents to be separated and organised according to the business and functional structure. That’s why organisations ranging from SMEs to State Government health departments rely on our Document Management Systems.

Total Organisational Effectiveness

An organisation is only as effective as the sum of its processes and how they integrate with each other. By closely mapping your business processes and integrating them into an easily accessible management system, our aim is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve organisation culture.

Frameworks for Sustainable Growth

Our cloud-based management systems will allow real-time capture, development, implementation and monitoring of continuous improvement opportunities – a key component of ISO management systems.

3rd Party Integration

The cloud-based IQMS platform has the potential to integrate with your other critical business apps, programs and ERPs through open APIs and Access Data Bases. Further, we have the ability to develop powerful custom applications through PowerApps.

Increase Intellectual Property

When developed properly, internal business management systems can be considered part of an organisation’s intellectual property (IP). Our systems provide an opportunity to collate and package all aspects of a business management system, allowing for a measurable fiscal valuation.

Engagement of Employees

No one is motivated to operate where there is chaos and you can restore motivation through smart work design. Developing a system with a high degree of functionality and usability will encourage employee engagement and productivity.

Take your management systems to the cloud and beyond

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