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Who we work with

“DEWC Systems engaged with IQMS to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification, the excellent level of IQMS consulting was instrumental in achieving certification at our first attempt.”

Sean Jorgensen-DayDEWC Systems

“Over the past few years, Williams Metal Fabrications have successfully achieved our CC3 and Fusion Welding certifications, and implemented a custom SharePoint management system developed by IQMS Australasia. This system is now an integral element of our business management."

Peter WilliamsWilliams Metal Fabrication

“We engaged IQMS to implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and their SharePoint Platform into Co-Create Solutions and Southern Marine Resources. Their experience and expertise of the standards and certification process was amazing given the simultaneous implementation and made the process very smooth. We will be looking to engage IQMS to develop a management system covering these standards in addition to ISO2007 for Azure Integrity in the near future.”

Andrew McIntyreAzure Integrity, Co-Create Solutions and Southern Marine Resources

“IQMS came on board with Williams Metal Fabrications, with a focus on developing and implementing an integrated management system, and achieving and maintaining certification to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001."

Mel WalesWilliams Metal Fabrication


Who we work for

“When we were advised that we needed ISO9001 for our defence ambitions, we approached IQMS Australasia on a recommendation from within in the defence industry.

Their impressive testimonials from business associates gave me the confidence that the technology and methods used by IQMS Australasia is modern and on point.

IQMS Australasia were able to effortlessly win over my team during the QMS rollout. We experienced no pushback or negativity – indeed the in-person and web meetings were, and continue to be, a vivacious and jovial interaction peppered with insight and fellowship rarely seen in our industry.

Importantly, the training and technical help reached beyond the QMS and delved into the benefits of cloud-based data management and workforce engagement – a timely and efficient boon to my business as we embrace Industry 4.0 and leverage the IIOT for the benefit of our clients, employees and vendors.

In summary, IQMS Australasia are making excellent use of technology to produce a scalable and easy to use QMS which will grow with my business and my people.”

Brett KennewellKennewell CNC Machining

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